Sleep Direction

The direction in which we sleep plays a vital role in automatically charging the body for the next day. Sleep is the natural means to rest and rejuvenate. It heals the mind and the body. In an average we sleep for a third part of our lives and this this activity decides how well we are living and enjoying life in this planet.

The Śiva Mahāpurāṇa has some vital pointers to the results we get when we sleep in the eight directions

East Āyus Longevity Sun West Venus
South-East Dveṣa Enmity Venus North-West Saturn
South Maraṇa Death Mars North Moon
South-West Pāpa Sin Rāhu North-East Rāhu
West Bhāgya Destiny Saturn East Sun
North-West Vyādhi Disease Moon South-East Mars
North Puṣṭi Prosperity Mercury South Jupiter
North-East Śaktī Power Jupiter South-West Mercury

Table: Quick Method of check feet direction

East Āyus Longevity Sun
South-East Dveṣa Enmity Venus
South Maraṇa Death Mars
South-West Pāpa Sin Rāhu
West Bhāgya Destiny Saturn
North-West Vyādhi Disease Moon
North Puṣṭi Prosperity Mercury
North-East Śaktī Power Jupiter

Try it Yourself

Use a compass to determine the direction of the feet when you sleep on your bed. Sit on the bed and face the direction you normally place your feet. Now read the results from the table above.

  1. If the results are negative, and if you are under adverse transits and daśā, the negative will surely manifest.
  2. If the results are negative, and if you are under positive transits and daśā, the negative will be supressed and even if you are feeling weak and depressed, the negative is unlikely to manifest.
  3. If the results are positive, and if you are under adverse transits and daśā, the you will have the strength and forbearance to overcome the negative
  4. If the results are positive, and if you are under good transits and daśā, the good fortune promised will surely manifest

In view of the above, it would be wise to choose a favourable direction of sleep.

Jyotiṣa Understanding

It is difficult to understand the results ascribed by Lord Śiva from jyotiṣa view. If we consider the dig chakra (directions of the graha), we find that longevity is promised when we are awaking in the direction of Sūrya (E). Similarly, good results of prosperity (N) and power (NE) are promised when awaking in the directions of Mercury and Jupiter i.e. feet point these directions when we sleep. Now, if we consider ‘Lagna’ as the point of rejuvenation, then the three planets that are positive for this are (a) lagna kāraka Sun and (b) planets that get digbala in lagna – Mercury and Jupiter.

It is evident that the results are based on the ‘rising’ or awakening. Awakening or rising is associated with Janma Lagna which is the rising sign.

Future Experiments Required

Future experiments are required to ascertain the effect of lagneśa direction. For example, if a person is born in Cancer Lagna, the lagneśa is Moon and will always work to the benefit of the native. Question is “would the direction of the Moon (NW) be beneficial for sleeping (and awakening)?”

Similarly, planets placed in Lagna are beneficial and maybe their directions would turn out to be positive. All this needs some serious study and experiments.


For the present, we would recommend using the advice of Lord Śiva and stick to the direction of the kāraka and the digbala planets i.e. Sun (E), Mercury (N) and Jupiter (NE). The western direction is quite ambiguous and the word ‘bhāgya’ can also mean durbhāgya i.e. misfortune. It causes a person to float in this world without direction – swayed by the winds of destiny.