Welcome back to Dhimanta!

We are at that point of the year when we plan for the next biennial meeting of the Jaimini Scholars.


This time around we plan to discuss a few more sutra of Maharsi Jaimini. Scholar Visti Larsen has indicated the following as an initial set and will be adding more after his review.
In addition, we shall also discuss some advanced concepts about yoga.
Another topic included for review is Vedic Numerology and its application in Jyotisa (input from Scholar Deborah Young)

Needless to say, this is going to be another very enlightening meeting that is restricted “Only for Certified Jaimini Scholars”.

  1. Karaka Kendradi Vimshottari Dasha
  2. Shakti Periods vs. Narayana Periods
  3. Su-Dasa & Shri Lagna
  4. Rajayoga Timing
  5. …more


The JSP-C Program requires your presence for eleven days. But dates are not fixed. We plan to do most of the work online thereby cutting costs of travel and stay

Dakshina (Fees)

You are Jaimini Scholars and can estimate whatever is rightfully due as guru dakshina.
The recommended minimum dakshina is GBP 1000. This can be a lumpsum donation or a recurring subscription (@ $100 for 12 months) – you choose whatever is convenient. Please note that a tax rate of 12% is charged.

Full Payment £ 1000

Subscription £ 100 x12 months

We plan to have both audio and video recordings for JSP-C (2019-20). While we are well equipped to handle the slide recordings, we would request at least one Scholar to come forward and bring along a video camera to do a video recording. This will be of immense help to review discussions and future Scholars. If you can do this service, please write to the director.

Kindly confirm your acceptance by informing the director.

We shall be providing PDFs of the handouts every morning before the the start of classes at 8.00 am. Please ensure that you have internet access to download these handouts from a private link.


BhimTal 2020